My WIFI Router 3.0.0

Use this program to take your WiFi and turn it into its very own router

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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With My WiFi Router, you can now create an internet connection between your computer and another device. This free program essentially turns your computer into a hotspot that you can use at home and in other places.

Even if you have a great internet service provider, you may find that your wireless signal doesn't reach as far as you would like. Any number of things can block that signal, including its location in the house, its proximity to those devices and even other electronics in the area. Your router may also run slower than you would like because you connect too many devices to the same signal. With this handy program, you can extend the range of your internet signal and let other devices use the hotspot created on your computer.

The very first time that you use it, you need to set up your new network. Not only does the program let you name your network, but it also lets you set up your own private password. When you select the private network option, the only people who can use that signal are those who know the password. There is also a public option that will let anyone within range use your network.

This is a great way to make guests feel more comfortable when staying with you. You can create a temporary network that they can use on their own computers or with their tablets and phones. Setting up a new network ensures that they have a signal everywhere in your home. You can use the public network option when throwing a party to let all your guests use the internet on their phones.

Right on the bottom of the screen is a large green button that lets you easily turn off your network. Clicking on this button will immediately deactivate that network and kick any users offline. You have the option of signing into the original account that you created or creating a new account to use in later.

The configuration management tools on the right side of the page give you more control over the users piggybacking off your signal. This tool shows you all the devices currently using that signal. You can rename those devices based on the type of device and the user. This lets you know when your kids and others in your home are online.

Managing what your kids do online with this program is easy too. You can set up each device to have unlimited internet access, but you can also limit the amount of access they have. This lets you block your kids from going online late at night or when they should be doing homework. All users sit under the headline of friends, but this is really the program's version of a whitelist.

If you need to blacklist someone from your network, you can easily add them to your blacklist. Click on the button at the right of the page to open and load your blacklist, which shows you everyone on that list. The program will actually let you block others based on their IP addresses. This keeps your neighbors and people in your area from using your internet to go online.

The lack of security settings with this program may bother some. Though it does offer password protection, it will sometimes require that you use an open signal. Anyone within that range can use your internet, even without your knowledge or consent. The only thing you can do when this happens is to add those users back to your blacklist. You'll need to keep a mindful eye on new users popping up on your friend's list.

Those who use this program will notice some ads running near the bottom. My WiFi Router comes with a small box on the bottom right corner of the screen that gives you access to recent activity and some news. This box will often run ads from developers that encourage you to click on an ad to enter contests or find out more information. While you might have the chance to win prizes, you might also dislike seeing that ad running on your screen.

The program comes with a My Videos feature that is great for those times you want to watch videos but doesn't have access to the internet. You can download those apps for viewing later and watch all the videos you want while on a road trip or a vacation. It lets you control how those videos play and won't leave you feeling frustrated over buffering videos and slow loading films.

This feature also enables you to share files easily between computers and devices. You can grab a file from your computer and move it to a loved one's device over the internet without problem. This will save you the hassle of finding a cord that fits both devices or saving a file to a flash drive and moving it to another device.

My WiFi Router can even use the internet on your phone or device to let others surf the web. When you download this app, it searches for the closest available internet signal. You can opt for the internet signal used by your phone provider and share that signal with other nearby devices. Let others use the web with one simple signal.


  • Lets you use your computer as a hotspot for going online with other devices
  • Can extend the range of your current wireless router
  • Is great for saving on the data packages used by devices like phones and tablets
  • Allows for sharing of videos and other files over your connection
  • Comes with features for putting specific users and devices on your blacklist


  • Requires an internet signal to use
  • May lead to your internet connection dropping
  • Does not come with many security features for protecting your signal and connected devices
  • Lacks a lot of the advanced configuration settings you might need
  • Will not replace your existing internal connection

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